Acupuncture involves inserting fine needles into specific points on the skin – or applying various other techniques, such as moxa, guasha or cupping to the meridians – to restore balance and encourage the body to heal itself. Scientific studies have shown the potential for acupuncture to be effective in treating many disorders. Acupuncture is effective and safe when performed by a skilled and qualified practitioner.

Meridian Therapy acupuncture is probably the most well known style of classical acupuncture. In a usual treatment, the light insertion of ultra fine, sterile acupuncture needles into the body can be used to regulate and balance the body's bio-dynamics.  

Below are just some of the conditions that acupuncture and eastern medicine can contribute to your health and wellbeing, take a look around...


The word 'hormone' means 'to excite', which is exactly what hormones do. They are chemical messengers, secreted in tiny amounts from your endocrine glands. There are nine major endocrine glands in your body and the hormones they produce affect every cell in your body. Read more


Woman's Well being

Woman holds up half the world, some of us sometimes feel like it's way more than half. One thing is certain though, our health as women is the bedrock of a positive experience of ourselves. Whether it be the regularity of our moon cycles, preparing for pregnancy, managing the discomforts when we are, or managing the various transition that challenge us, acupuncture can be great for a whole range of conditions. Read more

The Inner Traditions

The Inner Traditions of this ancient medicine are as deep and broad and as rich as the human psyche and human experience. They speak to the spirit, soul and the nourishment of one's destiny. Nourishing destiny is a science and technology (like Yoga, meditation) pertaining to the evolution of consciousness. Where is your consciousness? Want to elevate?
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