Energetic considerations for the season - Keeping our Fire element in check

When we are physically, emotionally and mindfully in balance then we are generally able to adjust well to the new season. Our body's energy reserves and 'operating systems' work efficiently and we sail through the stresses of the season without too much ado. All of us have seasons we tend to favour and get along in better than others.  
The woody Spring energy that was required to push new growth up through the still cool ground of winter has well and truly sprung, and there is now a sense of expansion, warmth and maturation as we move around the sun into the zenith of summer days.

The physical organ systems of Summer have a domain of influence on our emotions and therefore our behaviour and expectations. East Asian medicine considers Summer as the season of the fire element and its associated organs of the Heart, Pericardium, Small intestine and San Jiao.

In Australia, summer really is about fire, quite often out of control, but the element of Fire in balance is understood to represent maturity and creativity.

The Heart needs no introduction for we all understand that the Heart represents love and joy. And in so being, is a symbol of the highest good in us all.

The Pericardium is said to enable us to communicate that love and joy to ourselves and others, so we feel a sense of connection and internal peace.

The Small Intestine's emotional capacity is close to its physical abilities to assimilate and absorb the foods that nourish us. Emotionally it is the organ that helps us separate the 'pure' from the 'impure', and matures our ability for understanding and discernment.

The San Jiao in the physical body represents (among other things) the fascial planes that give our body structures tensile strength and flexibility. It is the way our watery nature is kept in place and balance, and so like a net or a web it is about the structures of connection. It helps us feel part of a greater interconnected whole.

Summer then is the season then for taking care extra care of the yang aspect of ourselves.

In the southern hemisphere, we have the powerful vibration of the summer solstice and then Christmas, which can be a time of energetic flux for many. Whether easy or stressful, Christmas is a very dynamic and abundant time and our experience of it will be influenced greatly by the energy of the season and our own internal balance.

Acupuncture can be very helpful in preparing us for the energies of Summer, Solstice and Christmas, keeping the balance of temperatures, anchoring the yin energies, subduing the yang excesses of the season (heat, alcohol, rich foods, general excess!)

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