Energetic Considerations for Spring

  If we were prayer flags would we be humming out our mantras or getting tattered and worn by all the movement of this spring wind?

If we were prayer flags would we be humming out our mantras or getting tattered and worn by all the movement of this spring wind?

Have you noticed everyone tends to go a little bit loco in Spring?

It's the nature of Wind. The wind is an integral part of Spring coming as it does from the energy bursting forth from the cold stasis of winter.
With all that powerful energy from the earth, now is a great time to set your intentions, your vision for the year ahead, and to take the time to rebalance if things need to be recalibrated.

When we have strong digestive health, a stable kidney and urinary system and robust blood we are able to vision up and begin to set those plans in motion.

However for some, all that wind will seem to shake us from our foundations, whip up our expectations of ourselves and others and generally make us feel frazzled, irritable, depressed or somehow "not-all-together".

If this is the case for you, it's important to implement a gentle exercise routine, one you can stick to; make a commitment to reduce the sugar in your diet and seek some treatments like acupuncture, vibrational (gong) healing, salt therapy or a float tank.

It is important to protect your newly emerging qi (from your own winter stasis) from the wind as much as you can.


As a pathological force - out of right relationship - Wind is considered the spearhead of a thousand diseases in Eastern medicine.
Wrap up in this season and give the winter stores of energy which are still deep in the body time to come to the surface. Keeping layers, like jackets, scarves and shawls on you in this change of season time can be really helpful. As your own energy starts to emerge, eating lighter meals and getting out and about more is key.
We want to coax ourselves to breathe deeper and move more, now that the chill of winter is abating. Anything that gets the blood circulating better to oxygenate your cells is great. These activities; more movement and pranayam (breathing exercises) help The Liver in its time of seasonal adjustment..
And remember with all this doing, try not to ask too much of yourself. Internal gentleness, moderation, and consistency are all important to your health and vibrancy.


Spring has many correspondences in Five Elemental philosophy. It is considered the time when the Liver organ is in ascendancy, the elemental characteristic is Wood and it's whole sphere of influence is represented by the colour green.

Unless we think about wood as a forest, we tend to think of wood as an end product - something that has no life left in it. In Eastern medical thinking the element of 'wood' is absolutely the symbol for the power and urgency of life. New life sprouting up and out of winter's dormancy. So think fresh growth, the suppleness of the young bamboo shoot, the power of photosynthesis craving light, warmth and nutrients.

In growth (of anything) there has to be structure to meet the requirements of the emerging form.Where the seed is the idea, the unborn potential: the fresh growth of 'wood' is about the production and implementation of the template. In a word: order. The way that a tree lays down another ring of growth around it's trunk... it does it in a systematic and ordered way... 'Wood' then is about maintaining the integrity of the process. This integrity is part of the Liver's sphere of influence in eastern medicine.


To get in tune with the seasonal vibration....
Eat, Play, Pray and Wear Green

Eating green foods in this season, especially lightly steamed and warmed, is good for building the strength of the blood. 'Good', strong and robust blood supports the Liver function.

Make sure you are moving more, now that the Winter's stillness and cold has passed.

Meditation and devotional practices are best focused on the breath, (pranayam) and directing intention into one's internal resources for patience, compassion and balance or neutrality. Interestingly the Heart Chakra is understood to be green. Tara, "the mother of liberation" a female bodhisattva in Mahayana buddhism emantes a green healing light and represents the virtures of success and achievement in our work.  Green can be healing, expansive, vibrant and cooling... wearing it through Spring and the vibration of its colour will assist you through the pushy aspects of the season.