Energetic considerations for the season - The quietude and stillness of Winter

Winter is the season that corresponds to the most yin of the elements - Water
and the most yin of our organs, the Kidneys. With the Southern Hemisphere's Winter Solstice just behind us, and yet the depth of winter still to come, now is an opportune time to consider all the correspondences such as colour, sound, taste, smell, feeling and appropriate action for the season.

In our bodies, the 'Kidneys' (as an organ system) correspond to winter. Here is the deepest yin aspect of our being, the reservoir of potential, the very matrix of life, (Water) which holds the "not-yet-not-being" aspect of ourselves. The colour of this time and energy is the deep oceanic blues and inky blackness of a new moon sky.

Our external ears correspond to the Kidneys, a microcosm to the macrocosm of our bodies, shaped and changed by our biology, geneology and cultural re-enforcements.

The Element of water has a sound of constant groaning flow. In nature this can be the constant bubbling of a spring, the wash of waves, the hushed movement of river water or the roar of waterfalls and turbulent surf.

It is the time in the year for allowing the early darkening day to set the pace, listening deeply to our body's need for rest, quiet and reflection.

If we are afraid of the dark- ourselves - the quietness; by resisting rest and silence, it is because it makes the Ego fearful. The dark is not always the Shadow.
Without quietness we quickly become manic, chasing the external phantoms, so it is appropriate that Mind is reduced and Ego surrendered into the deeper unfolding of experience. It is then that Spirit settles into the infinite quiet of the world with no illusions of demons or the associations of death that speak so often to us about fear and the dark.

An elemental understanding of our world, provides a rich and integrated awareness ofconnections, it can enliven our consciousness on the nature of the web that holds and molds us. It can give us a metaphoric, symbolic and psychic awareness of the space between moments, things and thoughts.

Winter is the time for great stillness and meditation. It is the time to guard our reserves by staying warm, eating well and using the shortened days to draw deeper inside, to contemplate the mysteries of life.
— Debra Kaatz - Characters of Wisdom: Taoist Tales of the Acupuncture Points
Beneath heaven nothing is more flexible, yielding and soft than water.
Yet when it attacks the hard, solid and strong,
Nothing can withstand it.
It is weak, yet it has no equal.
Its softness can not be damaged and it overcomes the strong.
This flexible yielding wears away the stiff and mighty.
Yet none can wear it away.
Everyone knows that soft overcomes hard,
And yielding triumphs over the rigid.
Why does no one practice this?
Be like water...
— Lao Tsu - The Dao de Jing