The wonders of acupuncture... a masterful approach

Acupuncture is a wonderful way of assisting the body to regain its balance when the effects of stress, injury or illness have had an adverse impact on health.

Using unique palpation diagnosis, a trained Acupuncturist is able identify the key points where the body is experiencing strain or over-taxation and can to help regulate the flow of Qi throughout the body by using precise stimulation at the acupuncture points.

This is done by using a combination of pressure and gentle stimulation with very fine, sterile disposable needles, or by using Moxibustion, a pleasant warming technique used to treat points which have become cold, and also facilitates deep relaxation. Guasha and cupping may also be used to clear areas of long-standing stagnation. Chinese Herbal medicine, Nutritional therapy and Lifestyle Management may be used to promote continued healing.

Most people (even needle-phobics!) are pleasantly surprised that acupuncture does not have to be painful to have its effect. In fact, many of the people who have been treated with this therapy have become so relaxed during their treatment that they fall asleep.

Acupuncture acts as a catalyst, stimulating your natural inner healing processes.

During the course of an acupuncture treatment, your body is engaged in a process of “learning and remembering”, through the activation of the points by the acupuncturist, which provides your body with vital information about how to function properly and to begin to heal and stay well.

When an acupuncture pin is inserted at a point, it instructs your body about precisely where and how it should do the repair work that is needed. If an area of your body has become too tight and congested, then the acupuncture stimulation prompts your body to release the excessive tension and to increase blood-flow to the area to clear waste-products away. If a part of your system has become weak or underfunctioning, then acupuncture can be used to gently encourage more nutrients to flow to that site and replenish the area.

Research has shown that acupuncture has both local and systemic effects. It has the ability to stimulate the internal release of endorphins and other neurotrnasmitters and has positive effects on the brain and central nervous-system and endocrine functions.

All of these effects are encompassed by the concept of Qi, that has been understood by Chinese people for centuries. Ultimately, it is free-flow of Qi that promotes good health and freedom within.