Chinese Herbal Medicine

Classical East Asian medical diagnosis is the foundation for prescribing the right Herbal Medicine formula for you. Once your individual constitution is understood, the correct strategy can be applied to assist and enhance the capacity of your body to function in a healthy way.

Different herbs perform different functions, according to their nature and the conditions that they treat. Some herbs provide substances which help the body to repair or build healthy cells, while others act as a catalyst to stimulate body functions such as immunity, or elimination. Vitamin and mineral therapy can also be given according to the same principles as herbs, to treat deficiencies and illnesses.

Herbal medicine can be a useful co-treatment for patients with conditions, such as chronic pain, that have not been responding quickly enough to standard treatments. When pain and illness persists, there are frequently internal metabolic factors that are contributing to the condition. Many of our clients who have been suffering with chronic and persistent health issues have had some very gratifying improvements through the use of herbs and nutritional supplementation.

Our philosophy is to always use the simplest method to achieve the best result.

In any chronic condition, examining eating habits is always the first priority, as the good effects of acupuncture and herbs can quickly be undone by an inappropriate diet. Our experience is that a healthy digestive function is absolutely central to good health. If a person is basically eating the right foods, but they are still not digesting or absorbing nutrients well, then herbal medicines can be given to strengthen and promote healthier gut function.