Dr Kaitlin Edin (TCM)
BA, BHSc(TCM), GradDipEd, DipRM, Jap Acup Cert, Manaka Cert, Toyohari Cert.

Kaitlin Edin is an highly skilled acupuncturist, with a passion for the medicine of acupuncture, moxa and herbal formula.

She has been in private practice since 2009 and has worked in a variety of clinical situations including group and solo practice, IVF support, Acupuncture research and RCT Trial conditions. She treats babies and children, as well as women and men across all stages of their lives. She also treats animals.

Her approach is systematic, gentle and individually tailored to address the root cause of any issue that has brought people to seek treatment. Assisting people to reach and maintain their physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing is the focus of all treatments.

Kaitlin is AHPRA Registered and listed will all private health funds. She uses HICAPS for rebate processing.

She began her studies informally in Japan in the late 90’s and completed her formal training in Australia in 2008. In 2013 she finished three years of extensive postgraduate skills based training in Meridian Therapy & Classical Acupuncture techniques and continues her training with teachers in Japan, Taiwan, America and Australia, to ensure she is always developing her technique and deepening her understanding of the medicine.

Kaitlin’s clinical interests includes: IVF support, women’s reproductive and pregnancy health, immunity, digestive issues, acute and chronic pain, headaches and migraine, mood disorders and anxiety. She is also interested in maintaining general health and wellbeing for longevity.


AHPRA - Acupuncture, Herbalism & Chinese Medicine CMR0001708400

ANTA - Australian Natural Therapists Association: 7921