The Ordinary Doctor treats Disease,
but the Superior Doctor assists the People in discovering
The Right Way Of Living…
— Chinese Classics of Medicine

Good nutrition is fundamental to good health. East Asian Medicine cautions against severe, restrictive diets, encouraging a balanced, regular approach to eating. When illness or imbalance has occurred, some specific changes may be made according to the nature of the particular condition. In providing information in relation to dietary change, EAM Dietary therapy will take into account individual constitutions, as well as the time of year and season, along with the nature of any imbalance which is present in the body.

Kaitlyn Edin understand well the dietary philosophies and added benefits to eating well. Simple, effective strategies for eating better, and what to avoid can be incorporated into your acupuncture sessions. Ask our practitioners when you are next in for a treatment, about what foods are best to have or avoid for your condition and the time of year.

Likewise, regular exercise is a vital part of being healthy and is an important factor to engage in as part of any health and recovery plan.

And finally, to sleep! Adequate rest and good quality sleep are also factors which have a major effect on well-being, and help regulating these with methods such as Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine can make an enormous difference to your health.