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Kaitlin Edin Acupuncture

Pyrmont and Central Coast

Acupuncture • Meridian Therapy

Dry Needling • Moxa • Herbal Medicine

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Moxa is a dried and processed form of mugwort.
The best quality moxa comes from Japan.
There are various techniques and uses for moxa that assist the body to warm, circulate and move the vital fluids, heal and adapt.


Guasha & Cupping

Gua Sha is a MANUAL technique used throughout the world.
'Gua' means to rub or friction. 'Sha' is the term used to describe congestion at the surface of the body.
When friction is applied in repeated even strokes, it moves WHAT IS stuck, promoting normal circulation to the muscles AND tissues. changes in stiffness, pain and mobility ARE OFTEN FELT.

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Cupping in the modern clinic involves the application of glass cups.
THESE apply suction to the surface of the body.